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The Power of Domain Names 
and Domain Name Investing
Digital Real Estate Education
Do you have a Domain name that you would like?
Need to find out if a Domain name is for sale?
Domains can be listed for sale at more than one location.
The solution is simple, go to DoFo and you will learn the answer in seconds. Raises
$120 Million After Rebrand

How do you stand out in a highly competitive industry like car sales that is also transitioning to online sales? One Montreal-based job posting startup purchased the best recruitment-related domain name possible, Talent .com for $1.3 million. See our names for an edge in autos and other industries.lue
What Is a Domain Worth

Value is a Cross  Between Fine Art and Real Estate
Should Your Business Spend Thousands of Dollars on a Strong Domain Name? GoDaddy CEO RE: Growing Domain After Market Media Options

Premium Domain Sale
How to Choose a Descriptive
Domain for Your Business

“When seeking a domain name that is memorable, easily searchable and available, many companies are looking toward descriptive domains as a more authentic and memorable choice.”
Education DNAcademy

DNAcademy is the #1 domain name training platform in the world -- since 2015 -- used and trusted by thousands of individuals and corporations including GoDaddy, Sedo and Uniregistry.
Millions Spent to Point a Domain name Name Bio

Top 100 Domain Name Sales
Domain and Non Fungible Asset News

Owned By DFIN
A Sampling of Amazon
Domains Owned

Owning one domain is
often not enough to maximize SEO and improved navigation.
Premium Domain Sales
1st Time in 25 Years
.US and .TV

For Sale
 4 Letter
Domain Sales
Best Domain
Brokers in 2021
Domain Sales In 2004

Interesting History, with Voice .com selling for $30,000, these names would probably sell for 10x to 50x or more
Nice Video On Domain Investing 7 reasons to invest in domain names

Free from tax and insurance. Cost-effectiveness. Limited supply and growing demand. Unique value. Capital appreciation. Depth of investment. Return on investment
Choosing The Best Domain Name How to Make Money Buying and Selling Domains
Metaverse and Domain Podcasts
1 - Domain Name Wire

Podcast #385 Andrew Allemann the Power of Great Domains - One Person Refinanced His Home to Buy a Domain
2 - Forbs 2022 Examples of The Metaverse

Cast is just below the title
3 - Domain Name Wire

Podcast #388 Big Sales and payment plans
4 - Domain Name Wire

Ethereum Name Service and Handshake, two competing naming systems built on blockchain technology. Aaron Oxborrow, creator of and Mike Carson, co-founder of Impervious, debate
5 - Domain Name Wire

odcast #387, Andrew Gazdecki talks about the process and how MicroAcquire has tallied a half billion dollars in sales and has 150,000 registered buyers looking to acquire businesses.
6 - Deloitte

The Metaverse explained What’s the Metaverse, and how should businesses think about it?
         10 - Getting ready to Chill (.com) – DNW Podcast #400 Andrew Allemann

Chill .com sold for $15 million - the buyer  explains the rational and value - get feedback from a premium buyer that is creating a Marketplace for CBG products
Purchase or Sell Domains

Utilize Sav's highly optimized marketplace to list domains with a low 4% commission and enable Afternic & Sedo Fast Transfer.

Domain names are the most important internet assets. They serve as the gateway to every business that wants to be discovered and remembered online. Having the right domain IP is the most important element of branding and marketing strategy.
Domain Lease
With Option to Buy

Owned By DFIN
Domain Sales

Owned By DFIN
Premium 4 Letter
Domain Name

Owned By DFIN

Fractional Interest Sales in Domains and Other Unique Assets

"Ever thought of investing in the value of a word, an emoji, or a combination of them? Thanks to Cloudname you can do it easily and with the right tools! Start investing now and you’ll be able to live track the value of the domains you acquire. Buy and sell domains based on latest news, market trends or simply on your intuition."

Grit Brokerage

"Our goal at Grit Brokerage is to provide world-class customer service for our clients. Whether we are marketing, negotiating, or acquiring a domain or website, we strive to make the process streamlined and efficient. We provide the perfect complement to domain owners or companies looking to acquire their online brand so they can specialize in what they do best and hire us for what we do best."
Pet Sales

Owned By DFIN
Media Options
Domain Brokers

This is a rare outbound marketing agency


Perpetual rights Domain lease agreement
 Corporate Webnames

Corporate Domain Name Management, Perfected. Fully Managed. Secure. Cost-effective.
Defending Your Brand Online

As a business leader, your brand and reputation are two of your most valuable assets.
Metaverse Domains

Global Block Branding Ltd. CEO Global Block Branding Ltd.
Domain Sherpa
on YouTube

For those that Prefer Video

We offer a boutique, personalized, end-to-end domain buying experience where investors can feel safe, empowered, and heard when purchasing premium domain names
Name Experts

A domain name broker will help you buy or sell a premium domain at a fair price. They look out for the interests of their clients and will help buy domains anonymously

Now owned by GoDaddy
 Put the world's largest domain marketplace to work for you!

GoDaddy Auctions

Purchase or Sell Domains


Domain marketplace

 Claimed most buyers worldwide

Efty does not charge a commission on sales our seller community includes the owners of some of the world’s ultra-premium domain names

Our hybrid-solution partners you with a trained Squadhelp branding consultant who will guide your crowdsourcing process step-by-step to get the best results possible.

We contact
domain owners, present your offer, and negotiate on
your behalf.
We take the guesswork out
of the process.

DomainAgents helps you anonymously negotiate to buy premium domain names, service guaranteed.

Domain Capital

We are the leaders in domain financing and we look forward to seeing how our services can help your company grow.
Prime Loyalty

Domain Buy Service

Domain Sell Service

Domain Portfolio Management


A premium domain broker (like, has a reputable and skilful domain broker, who represents the buyer and facilitates the sale of a domain name.
Digital Car Lot


Radix is one of the world's leading new domain registries with 10 new extensions
that include

Leveraging over eight figures in transactions and more than twenty years of experience, we effectively connect start-ups, investors, public figures, agencies and major brands with great domain names
Domain Name Wholesale Exchange

Now has Dutch Auctions.  Domain Name Wholesale Exchange (DNWE) is a ZERO commission trading platform for domain investors.

Premium domain names for sale!

 Place your domains from any registrar in a reverse auction for 168 hours. Your domain may sell to someone willing to pay between $998 and $9 per domain

Explore thousands of hand-picked, creative business names available for sale with a premium domain name.
Premium Domains AKA SquadHelp

Also helps with naming, branding, Logos etc.

A meaningful domain name is critical for your business. Work with to secure the best domain.
Name Agency

Premium Domain Name brokerage firm. We operate through a solid global network, personalized service and professional expertise.

We are not ike competitors who believe collecting an upfront fee and hiring sub-optimally trained staff


The foundation of our business is owning and managing the end-to-end supply chain for domain names and related web services.
Unique Domain Insight and Support

Find out everything about a domain name, its owner, the server it's hosted on, its ownership history, similar domains and much more

Domain name studies, facts and comps Very good historic info and story
Huge Domains

A good site to find and sort domains by price
Name Bio

Domain Sales Tracking and Domain Auctions

China's Premier Domain Name Auction and Trading Site. Use Google Translator.
James Names Weekly Digest

A very good over views of recent Domain name sales.

With you can buy and sell anything safely without the risk of chargebacks. Truly secure payments.

Trademark Consent and Coexistence Agreements: August 2020

We have all learned about Reverse Domain Name Hijacking that is tried by a panel at ICANN with a UDRP.  Could reverse Trademark Highjacking be possible?  This shouldn't be possible. We are following one case and will report on it here.

"NFTs. com has sold for a staggering $15 million, making it the second largest domain sale ever publicly reported."  The #1 sale was Voice  .com that sold for $30,000,000.


Contact: Gary Lewis Evans;; 858.210.0486

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