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Like Famous Works of Art, Good Domain Names are Rare

Domains are the only business location that can be visited simultaneously
by every person on earth from the persons location of choice.

Pet, Dog and Cat

For Sale - Eleven (11) Exact Match Pet Domains
Brand the Commonly Used Phrases That are
Easy to Remember and Hard to Forget

A Good 4 Minute Video Describing Hockey Stick Value of a Domain

We doubt if there is a better turn key domain name package for pets than this one. Brand the each exact match name and drive traffic, sales and profits.  Pet product sales will exceed $100 Billion this year for the first time. The industry is in a powerful growth mode.

This is a new approach to maximize the value of digital marketing that has the added bonus of driving toward the lowest cost per unit sold. Change is difficult and new concepts like this are problematic for most people to understand and adopt. DFIN created, and named this a Domain Farm. A Domain Farm is a coordinated effort useing multiple Domain names in a marketing strategy to maximize sales by leveraging exact match Domains by doing more than just useing them like they were used in the 90s.  Today it is time to brand these unique non-fungible Domain names.

Exact match Domains is not the magic.  The magic is the business they support. Our primary target is the Pet industry that is over 100 Billion.  Drapery .com is owned by Hunter Douglas. I wouldn't build a business around the Domain but it is a good add on to an existing business.

The exact match Domain is magnified by the accompanying content and marketing strategy. When used correctly, a Domain like is very powerful and could be used by one company with a nationwide or global strategy or as a marketplace used by many companies.. Good content is critical for success. The Domain owner needs to think beyond the simplistic act of a consumers typing the exact name into a browser. The content will make consumers understand that exact name Domains like PetSales .com is the best source to buy pets and pet supplies. The owner needs to brand the names and become known as the source for all things pet related.

Generic Exact Match common words and phrases can't be beat and the market is waking up to the possibilities. In early 2021 sold for $550,000, sold for $30,000,000 and in March 2021, sold for $2,000,000. Even Microsoft got into the game when they purchased in early 2021, but price has not been disclosed.

This group of names can't be beat if you want to expand or start a business nationally or globally. Most of the names we are selling are common jargon, easy to remember and hard to forget.  

Flexible Purchase Terms

  • Cash Sale

  • Lease

  • Lease with option to buy

  • Partnership

  • Joint Venture

  • Financing for qualified buyers

Use Ideas

Start-Up Opportunity

A well capitalized start-up with a goal of dominating the pet market can start with owning and then brand all other names as well.

Existing Regional or National Pet Store Opportunity

Maintain your brand and expand paths to your nationwide or global store and own the clearest path for your customers and non-customers, i.e.:


Industry Group Like APPA

This is an opportunity to bring all members of the pet industry online. Small and large merchants will benefit and allow everyone to attract new customers and be part of the digital economy.  This should include qualified breeders and shelters.


Pet Food Manufacturers or Distributors

Mars, Nestle, Smuckers and many others have an opportunity to create a marketplace for their customers as a benefit and to attract new customers. Alternatively build a marketplace to help small local stores and small pet product manufacturers.



Venture into digital real estate and create a free or low cost online pet focused marketplace.  Lease out space as a Digitlord.


Pet and Vet Sales News on Facebook

A Focus on Pets

The Graphics and Logos For Each Name Has
The Potential to Be Classically Memorable

Contact Gary Lewis Evans

A Few Sample Names Below -

Pet Sales

Only one company can own the non-fungible domain Pet Sales. Imagine branding Pet Sales as your company or branding as an additional sub-brand to your existing brand.

SEE: Pet Sales

Vet Sales

Do not forget about the veterinarians, use them to help your business.  




Puppy Sales Direct

Pet sales in stores is becoming a thing of the past. Direct sales including from shelters is the future. Build excitement and help the kind and honest breeders. 


Let sellers list on this site.  Provide e-mail for unique credibility. IE: a vetted seller qualifies for a PuppySalesDirect .com email account. A better way to know your seller is an honest breeder.

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