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Automotive Marketplace and Car Domains For Sale
The Digital Car Lot - Non-Fungible Digital Real Estate
Valued For Nationwide or Global Strategies

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Domains are the only business location that can be visited simultaneously
by every person on earth from the visitors current location
Time will prove that a great Domain name is more valuable than a great piece of real estate because of its global reach
For Sale or Lease - A Set of Eight Auto Domains
SEE All Eight (8) Auto & Truck Domain Names

The DFIN Digital Car Lot

The Auto Industry is One of the Largest at > $2 Trillion and
Online Car Sales are Becoming The Norm

DFIN Offers Turnkey Global Automotive Marketplace

The auto industry transition to digital sales will eventually lead to an agency model. Dealerships as known will disappear. Dealers that recognize this shift can position today with an aggressive digital strategy to expand their business. Our Digital Car Lot marketplace is an opportunity for dealers, manufacturers, retailers or even banks (create a marketplace for dealers) to, jointly or individually lead the transition to a global digital marketplace for everything automotive from parts to insurance and car loans. Like a great real estate location, the right domain names bring authority, credibility, legitimacy, memorability and visibility. As a bonus, Domain names, like real estate and classic art, protect against inflation and can be resold.  

The value of a domain is a function of its profit potential. With that in mind, what auto retailer would not want to own the Global Domains - New Car Sales. com and Used Car Sales .com? All 8 Domains can be owned for a one time cost that is comparable to a nationwide TV advertising campaign or a few 30 second Super Bowl adds. The annual carrying cost is near zero at about $20 and unlike real estate their are no annual taxes and insurance. Imagine the taxes and liability insurance for a multi-million dollar piece of real estate.

Many major companies own generic exact match domain names. In some cases it is owned defensively to protect the name from others. The marketing value isn't being maximized in most cases. When used skillfully, exact match Domains are the greatest way to assure security and reliability. In 2021 Microsoft purchased and will gain those benefits. The right generic domain will also accelerate traffic and sales for a web site or marketplace platform. Many generic domain names are common names that are used routinely in daily language. That is my preference when I purchase a domain.

I have owned since 1996. Then over the years I acquired additional domain names to form this community marketplace platform. Back in 1996, the only EV I was aware of was Ferdinand Porsche and his 1898 electric car. I was able to broaden the reach for SEO by using "Alternative Fuel Cars For Sale".  I am a Hydrogen fan.

A group of domain names will magnify the Value of Super-Premium Domain names. Domain name sales activity is accelerating and prices are increasing. sold for $30,000,000 in 2019, sold for $11,000,000, $8,130,000, sold for $3,500,000 and Microsoft recently purchased for an undisclosed amount, even recently sold for $2,000,000. Domain name expert, Todd Reum of Names .com has one of the best analysis and valuation studies available. See link below Domain Name Studies, Facts and Comps Offering Flexible Purchase Terms Cash Sale Cash + Equity Lease Lease with option to buy Partnership Joint Venture Financing for qualified buyers

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