Distributed Finance 4 Letter Premium Domain,
Trademark and Web Site
Available For The First Time Sine 1996

A Set of Three 4 Letter Domain Names
1) DFIN.COM     2) DFIN.US     3) DFIN.TV

Like Famous Works of Art, Great Domain Names are Rare

The 1996 Logo Represents the Transition of Money from Gold to
Coin then Paper and Finally to Digits

On January 1, 1997 DFIN Was Announced in What Was Likely the First
Book on Internet Finance and First Book With Reference to a Web Site For Future Updates

The Financial Institutions' Internet Sourcebook

Book by Gary Lewis Evans and Dr.Kenneth J Thygerson

McGraw-Hill; 1st edition (January 1, 1997)


Selling all Rights and Interest in DFIN

  • Primary Domain = DFIN.com

  • email @DFIN.com  @DFIN.US    @DFIN.TV

  • Purchase the Domain alone or include our Trademark rights.  Trademark - Includes mutual coexistence agreement with Donnelley Financial Solutions that is branded as DFIN for SEC and compliance work

  • The Trademark agreement includes the ability to use DFIN.com for other types of business

  • Bidders will not be used as a type of "Stalking Horse" to get Donnelley to bid. Buyers will be protected. We will set up a process for those interested.

  • web site

  • Includes DFIN.TV - Good name for a financial streaming TV channel similar to Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, CBSN, TUBI, ROKU, Pluto, Plex etc.

  • Includes DFIN.US - A good name for a Stable Value US Currency

  • DFIN.com is a perfect Domain for the new digital world of Distributed Finance, DeFi and CeFi

  • DFIN = Distributed Financial Services

Flexible Purchase Terms

  • Cash Sale

  • Lease

  • Lease with option to buy

  • Partnership

  • Joint Venture

  • Financing for qualified buyers

Bill Gates

Contact Gary Lewis Evans  GLE@DFIN.com  or  GaryEvans@GMail.com

DFIN is the Premiere Digital Finance URL
But May Be Used Globally For Any Industry, Product or Service

Distributed Finance and Digital Finance Will Soon be the Only Finance

The World is Starting to Recognize the Need For a New Financial System

In 1994 as President of La Jolla Bank, I pioneered Internet banking as a new division named Bank of The Internet (BofI). Financial executives, bankers and marketers are starting to recognize and appreciate the impact of FinTech and what I saw in the early 90s. The right domain name and strategy brings authority, credibility, legitimacy, memorability and visibility to a business. The domain will generate leads, become the brand or enhance the brand. An existing brand can use DFIN to enhance the brand. In addition, Like real estate and classic art, a domain will hedge against inflation as it reduces the cost of customer acquisition and sales. 

I have always considered domain names to be digital real estate and a great appreciating investment that can be held like raw land until development. Like raw land, some domains are both non-fungible and without any close alternative. Domain names are the first step needed when establishing an online business or for online sales. The non-fungibility is a great start for meeting trust and security needs including email security.

Domain name sales activity is accelerating and prices are increasing. This is why Voice.com sold for $30,000,000 in 2019, Tesla.com sold for $11,000,000, ICE.com sold for $3,500,000. Even Microsoft recently purchased Teams.com for an undisclosed amount.

Beginning in the mid 1990s the DFIN digital marketplace strategy was designed and implemented. The challenge is acquiring the domain names before others do.  As an example, I have owned DFIN .com  since 1996.


A Few DFIN Domain Name Opportunities

Crypto Currency DFIN (De-Fin) is a perfect Crypto name - short and easy to remember
Start-Up Start with a fresh name for your business and benefit from a coexistence trademark agreement
DeFi and CeFi DFIN could capture both Distributed Finance (DeFi) and Centralized Finance (CeFi)
Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Dollar, Danish, Drachma , Deutsche Mark
NFT DFIN would be a good address for Non-Fungible Tokens
Streaming TV Station DFIN.TV is perfect for a new streaming TV channel
Stable Value Currency DFIN.US  The FRB and OCC should love DFIN
Creative Companies Take advantage of the global reach
e-commerce A great marketplace platform name
Investment DFIN is a non-fungible asset that is ideal for a world of evolving digital finance. This purchase opportunity for a 4 digit name that meets all positive valuation criteria can't be beat.  Appreciation potential like real estate but unlike real estate, no taxes and annual carrying cost of near zero.

The following is a small sample of premium domain name sales.

Sample of Reported Premium Domain Sales

Domain Sales Price Company
Voice.com $30,000,000 Voice is a new social network and NFT platform
Tesla.com $11,000,000 Brought electric vehicle sales to the forefront
     FB.com    $8,500,000 Purchased to protect market position and for email
   ICE.com    $3,500,000 Intercontinental Exchange includes the NYSE and others
  Angel.com    $2,000,000 Motion picture crowd funding
Diamond.com   For Sale - Last Sale 2006 for $7,500,000

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