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Premium Metaverse DFIN Domains
Are Available

Dfin.com   DfinMeta.com   DfinMetaverse.com   Dfincoin.xyz   Dfin.us

Contact: GLE@DFIN.com


Lets Talk
Let's join forces and build a new Web3 New Wave Metaverse Financial System

This is the opportunity for the right team to join with a proven bank and financial innovator, entrepreneur, EY Entrepreneur of The Year Candidate and Pioneer Internet Banker (1994) with 3 IPOs in my history .

I have prospered in good and bad economic cycles, always innovated and started multiple banks including Bank of Internet (BofI) in 2000, name changed in 2018 to AXOS.

I am very hands on and enjoy teaching and developing a powerful staff. My Contribution starts with having successfully led and built all bank departments giving me the knowledge to successfully go to a new level as I have done in the past. Plus I work well with regulators. I will contribute a career of successful bank and payment experience including lending.  The Premium Metaverse Domain name DFIN can be contributed to the right partnership.

See Bio.
Gary Lewis Evans.

* FinTech development since early 90s

* Pioneered Internet banking 1994 as President of La Jolla Bank.

* Designed and led technology development and the formation of Bank of Internet 1998

* Interfaced with regulators to get approval for a first generation Internet bank

* Banker since 1971, served in all C Suite leadership positions including CEO, CFO, CCO and COO.

* I contribute my experience, industry contacts, leadership and Premium domain names worth millions

* I have designed and led the build of RPA driven, deposit processing, KYC, CRM , apartment lending, auto and equity home loan systems

JV Design Flexibility:

A Few Ideas Follow

* Purchase my domain names for stock or payments

* I can function as a product manager or consultant

* I could serve as CEO of a Licensed Metaverse Bank (I have unique regulator experience) or COO of a new Web3 Financial System

* I could also serve as a director

Contact: Gary Lewis Evans; GLE@DFIN.com



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