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Uniquely Skilled Court and SEC Receiver
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 Who Is

Who is Gary Lewis Evans?


Banker Since 1971

Second Generation Italian

Working Class

First in Family to go to college

Industrial Arts Major Reseda High School,  AA Pierce Jr. College,   BS CSUN Business Finance,    MS CSUN Finance,


Leadership Experience : C-Suite bank executive since 1975, CFO, COO, CCO and CEO. Generally small to medium size banks allowed hands on due diligence experience.  In every down cycle my bank was positioned perfectly to take advantage of banks that needed help. This included but was not limited to branch sales and purchases, loan purchase and sales, and whole bank purchase.


Pioneered Internet banking as President of La Jolla Bank in 1994 then founding CEO BofI in 2000, named changed to AXOS in 2018

By Spencer Naake – Jul 22, 2014 at 4:49PM  -- The Motley Fool 

How BofI Holding, Inc. Revolutionized the Banking Industry Almost 20 Years Ago


San Diego Finalist, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for work accomplished at Bank of Internet  


1997, the prestigious publisher, McGraw Hill, published The Financial Institutions Internet Sourcebook, co-authored by Gary Lewis Evans


2004, presented “Old-fashioned banking in a high tech medium: internet-only banks” Annual Bank Structure Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


Active in multiple startup companies and two successful IPO’s, including a unique auction IPO in 2005 at BofI


Failed or Failing Banks: Worked on four, 1 liquidated (Director), 2 were sold to other banks (CEO) - I led purchase and recapitalization of one when I was CEO of La Jolla Bank


Service on non-profit boards, including Chairman of the American Red Cross, Treasurer San Diego Mid-Cities Development Corporation, San Diego Hospice, Salvation Army, and Treasurer, San Diego Neighborhood Housing Services


Investor Opportunity - I currently have a investor and former banker that asked me to find a bank for his purchase. This is similar to what I did in the early 90s when my group purchased a failing bank without government assistance. .

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Experienced Receiver

Banker Since 1971 – Bank CFO & Treasurer in 1975, CEO and Director Since 1985 

FinTech Banking Pioneer 1994

Skilled Managing Technology and All Forms of Real Estate

San Diego, CA 

As a banker since 1971, I use my experience working with businesses, builders, and property owners to protect assets and find solutions.

Focus Today - Due to the current recession, that may be better described as Stagflation, I am reviving my receivership skills, including complex or problem loan underwriting.. 

I have worked on three failed bank receiverships and one bank rescue before failure.  The bank receiverships included hands on solutions all types of receivership type problems including numerous defaulted loans, foreclosures, theft, fraud and bankruptcies.


Broad Receivership Skills

Entrepreneur that knows how to start at ground and build systems.

Skilled in Accounting and Finance - Former Bank CFO


Proven ability to go into an unstable environment and quickly assess the situation and take charge to get on the right path


Skilled at hiring, leading, revitalizing and retaining staff that are in a negative environment


Long  history in managing and safeguarding other peoples’ assets and cash

Know how to work with lenders


I have originated, foreclosed, and managed all types of loans nationwide including income property, hotels  and construction loans



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Bank Receiver


Extensive Bank Receivership Experience

Worked on Four failed Banks, One Was Liquidated, Two Sold to Other Banks and My Group Recapitalized and Saved One Bank

Working on failing banks was a very valuable learning experience. I didn’t have many issues when I was leading a department or a bank. RV lending and the person I hired at BofI was the only problem product that I initiated.

Failing Banks: A failing financial institution (Bank or thrift) is a Unique Specialty and I worked on three and led the purchase rescue of the fourth. I am attracted to the challenge or opportunity, not proximity to San Diego. I had specific business valuation training as a level 2 CFA.

Ramona Savings: Mid eighties was hired by Volunteer Chairman, San Diego based Ernest Rady and approved by OTS as CEO for Ramona Savings – Great learning experience had bad loans, failed tract development and Fraud from end to end. Very hands on and I commuted daily from San Diego to the City of Orange.
Accounting Was In Shambles

Prior owners hired a recent college graduate with a degree in Psychology or similar as CFO. They told him how to book entries.


Found millions in write-offs from bad entries to un-reconciled accounts and found millions of missing funds in the bank reconciliation.

Took Control of Failed Tract Construction Project

To protect asset values, I Navigated outside of Bankruptcy law to secure the partially built homes for the winter.

Discovered lumber charged for a bank construction job sent to other nearby builder’s projects. Prosecuted.

I confronted a city building inspector that was being paid off to reject the roads on a housing development. Met him at the site and let him review newspaper articles that revealed the criminal activity of builders. The roads were immediately approved.

Found $25,000 taken by the head of operations and prosecuted her.

Represented bank in multiple bankruptcies. Included my opinion of value in depositions.

REO - Of the many REO properties, small hotels in secondary locations made up about about 7 to10 of the properties throughout the country. Drugs and prostitution was common in the hotels. One desk clerk was kidnapped and the New Orleans hotel had a bloody drug ring torture and killing. 

One borrowers CPA bought a lot from his builder borrower at inflated value – it was a sham and I convinced CPA to roll over on his client. CPA still had a big tax liability for the foreclosure of debt.

Helped Find bank owners’ money in the Cayman Islands

Ended when Ramona was sold to Midwest Federal of Minneapolis Minnesota.


Manhattan Beach Savings: Oversight - Soon after Ramona was sold, I was appointed a director of Manhattan Beach Savings by OTS. MBS was a conservatorship that was liquidated


Stamford Federal - Sought Out a problem bank that LJ Bank owner could purchase at a good price, Performed Due Diligence and led the purchase of what became Stamford Federal in Stamford Connecticut in the early 1990s. This was a rescue of a failing bank without any government funds or cost to federal government. The owner of LaJolla Bank purchased and recapitalized Stamford as a separate operating entity.


Palm Desert National Bank: In early 2010 I was recruited as CEO for Palm Desert National Bank and approved by regulators. The bad loans made saving the bank impossible.


PDNB was operating on a C&D and appropriately tight FDIC supervision


To gain capital compliance, in addition to attracting new capital, my strategy was to shrink in size and sell assets at a profit


The problem was bad loans and a board that was at war and split 50/50


Very dysfunctional board – nice people that were divided when problems arose

I sold two branch offices. This increased capital, shrunk assets and that helped ratios but not enough.

I then sold the prepaid card business and that helped the capital ratios and made FDIC happy that it was gone. PDNB had been working on a sale of the card business for over a year with no success. The sale closed soon after I left.

I was pulled into the middle of a new board battle, and I chose to resign and not risk FDIC actions against the bank. I may have triggered the battle when I declined an unsecured LOC to a local doctor that had terrible credit. Half of the board wanted me to resign so they could take control. The other half wanted me to fight and stay because they had the votes for a stockholder battle. That was a battle I did not want to be part of. In my opinion, this battle would have forced FDIC action against the bank. Unfortunately, in about one year the bank was closed and sold by regulators.

Detailed Resume
Gary Lewis Evans

San Diego, California, United States    858.210.0486


Gary Lewis EvamsCommercial banker since 1971 and I have specialized in digital finance since 1994 and I continue to research digital finance at My current research is on digital currency and non-fungible digital assets (DeFi and Metaverse.


Furthering banking design and technology to the next generation is what I do. In 1994 I created a Challenger Bank as President of La Jolla Bank, in 2000 I was a founder, model architect, and CEO of a Neo-Bank, known as Bank of Internet (name changed to AXOS (AX) in 2018). In this third phase, DFIN is a new “Financial System” (ecosystem) that we designed to be the first Challenger Financial System and competitor to the existing US “Financial System” a form of DeFi


I am an approvable bank CEO but after 40+ years in banking, the DFIN solution may require that we work without a bank charter. Many believe that a new financial system that is safe but outside of a bank charter is impossible. Failures in Distributed Finance (DeFi) have added to the concern. After 40+ years in banking and years of R&D, DFIN will prove them wrong with our banker conceived version of DeFi and Stable Coins.

Honors & Awards

2008, Finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award
- EY - Ernst & Young


In 2008, I was a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award for the founding and growth of Bank of Internet USA. (2018 Name Changed to AXOS Bank


dfin DFIN - Decentralized Finance - Web 3.0 – Digital Real Estate - Bank Consulting

DFIN - Decentralized Finance - Web 3.0

Dec 1996 - Present Providing Digital Financial Insight and consulting since 1996. My first spin off was BofI. Now including DeFi & CeFi i.e.: Decentralized and Centralized Finance. Domain investing as a Digitlord.

The current poor economy will slow the development of the Metaverse so the poor economy is my focus at this time.  I will function as a receiver for banks, FinTech and other businesses.

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Description automatically generated Director CyberCatch - Cyber Security


Jun 2021 - Present (1 year 4 months +)


Description automatically generated with medium confidence Premium Domain Name Owner Investing Since 1995                  

Domain Names and Other Non-Fungible Assets

Dec 1995 - Present

Premium Domain Name Investing Since 1995. Names Included DFIN, BankofInternet, BofI,

PrivateBanker, UsedCarSales, NewCarSales, PetSales, etc.

PDNB  President & CEO

Palm Desert National Bank

May 2010 – April 2011 (11 months)

Operating Under a C&D when I was hired, Sold Branches and Prepaid Card Business


Description automatically generated Founder, President & CEO Axos Bank

Axos Bank – Originally Bank of Internet USA

By Spencer Naake – Jul 22, 2014 at 4:49PM How BofI Holding, Inc. Revolutionized the Banking Industry Almost 20 Years Ago -- The Motley Fool

May 1999 - May 2010 (11 years 1 month)

Bank of Internet USA, (NASD BofI), Named changed to NYSE AXOS in 2018, opened July 4, 2000, after

 4+ years of planning, design, and build. As founder, BofI was my second successful step to adapt banking to the new digital economy. We banked customers in all fifty states, were profitable in 14 months and we focused on a full line of deposit and consumer loan products. We built a strong lending culture and built most lending systems in house. This included second mortgage products and auto loans that were generated and processed online with lending technology that we built.


BofI has always been the most successful Internet banking model. Even early in the build we outperformed peers at lower levels of risk. Today BofI is more efficient and profitable than most if not all but a few banks.


Having created a new vision for banking I had to work with staff on all aspects of the design and build. Designing and re-designing the staff process and workflow is as important as the technology. This includes teaching staff. My involvement in the BofI build included the product design and monitoring of the staff for all technology outside of the core banking system. This included fraud control, CRM, deposit processing, a full array of loan processing and underwriting systems and marketing technology.


BofI prospered when most pure-play Internet banks failed and unlike most banks, our strategy and tactics prepared us to prosper from the Great Recession. We were the embodiment of Warren Buffett’s advice to “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful". We had minimal loan problems, and our agency MBS allowed us to prosper after the recession started.

LJB President & CEO

La Jolla Bank

Jun 1988 - Jun 1996 (8 years 1 month)

Approximately two years after Bank opening, I was selected as the third President, CEO and Director. La Jolla Bank has the distinction of being one of the first banks on the Internet in 1994.


La Jolla Bank grew under my direction into a multi-state lender and depository that specialized in construction and income property lending. I led the purchase Stamford Federal in Stamford Connecticut in early 1990s. The banks had common ownership and I Served as a Director of both banks.

RFS&L President & CEO

Ramona Federal Savings 1986 - 1988


Ramona Savings was founded in 1926 and sold to developers in the early 1980s. Ramona failed within a few years of new ownership in one of the largest Thrift Failures in Orange County history at the time. Non earnings assets exceeded 90% and the books were out of balance.


The fraud was extensive. I was brought in for the cleanup and establish sound books, reduce costs, gain possession of, and liquidate the REO. This was all achieved. The Bank was prepared for eventual sale. Loan servicing was sold, property was liquidated, and legal issues were mostly cleared, and the bank was sold.


Marina Federal Savings

1973 - 1981 (9 years)

Marina Federal was a fourteen branch Savings and Loan based in Torrance California. We were one of the few California thrifts that was profitable in the high interest rates of 1981. This can be directly attributed to our MBS options trading and high liquidity strategy in anticipation of the inflation and high interest rates of the late seventies early eighties.


As CFO I also actively managed what became the largest GNMA MBS portfolio in West Coast banking at the time.

Independence Bank

Canoga Park CA

1971 - 1973 (2 years)

Great on Job Bank Training




Description automatically generated California State University, Northridge

BS & MS, Business Finance

1969 - 1973

MESBIC Participant

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Description automatically generated Los Angeles Pierce College

Associate degree, Business Administration and Management

1967 – 1969

Contact Gary Lewis Evans   858.210.0486

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