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Battle Plan For Web 3.0 Open Banking
With Paymency
Paymency BaaS

The Third Phase in The Path to Banking as
 a Service (BaaS) 1994 - 2021

1994 the first of three phases began when I was president La Jolla Bank in La Jolla California.  This first phase was branded as Bank of The Internet (BofI).  The 1994 effort would be known as a challenger bank today. Being the early days of the Internet commerce, we had to host the server at UCSD Super Computer Center and technology was limited. The technology opportunities are very advanced and are at Web 3.0 level. I am hosting this web site in HTML as an homage to the early days of DFIN and BofI.

The second phase opened as Bank of Internet a new FDIC insured bank. Bofi opened on the 4th of July 2000 and was renamed AXOS Bank in 2018.  The BofI Bank build in 2000 would be known as a Neobank today.  AXOS Bank is undeniable the most successful Challenger or Neobank throughout its life. AXOS Bank continues to outperform others and has a market cap close to $3 Billion.

The third phase is Paymency. Paymency is built to be the best new wave consumer banking and merchant payment network. Paymency is driven by the power of retail merchants.  See the video and a deck below.

I am seeking the right strategic partners. Large retailers would have priority. 

The DFIN Sponsored Paymency Web 3.0 Decentralized Finance
With a Bankers Perspective and Leadership For
a New Banking as a Service (BaaS) Model

The Paymency Battle Plan

1. Drive cost out of payments
a. Save merchants up to 90% vs. card fees
b. Share payment transaction fees with qualified merchants

c. Free mobile payment account that can be used like a bank account for consumers

2. All consumer qualify for our Web 3.0 free alternative bank account including the unbanked

3. Hold money safely both traditionally with banks and non-traditionally

4. Built on our proprietary Hybrid Blockchain Clearing House

5. Mobile based text and merchant app based

6. A free to use marketplace platform for all consumer financial products
a. Includes financial education as a business development tool
b. Banks, and financial companies can list and sell products at no cost


Phase 1 Regulated - La Jolla Bank 1994

Months after Amazon went online, La Jolla Bank opened the original BofI. At that time no one would have expected retail to succeed online  let alone outperform banks that were already digital.  Everyone was wrong.

The following link is to a 2014 Motley Fool Article of How BofI Holding Inc. Revolutionized The Banking Industry Almost 20 Years Ago (La Jolla Bank 1994).

How BofI Holding Inc. Revolutionized The Banking Industry

Phase 2 Regulated - July 4 2000

Bank of Internet USA, BofI, name changed to AXOS in 2018.

The most successful Challenger or Neobank in the World. The bank has many awards and commendations, a few of which are listed below..

* Forbes - One of America's Best Banks 2019,2020, 2021

* Forbs Advisor - Best Overall for Online Banking 2021

* Fortune - 2nd Highest Bank on the List of 100 Fastest Growing Companies (#56 overall)

* Newsweek - America's Best Banks 2021 - Best Checking Account for College Students

Phase 3 Hybrid Distributed, Not Regulated - 2021

Paymency - The New USA Financial System

Not a bank, not a payment network. Paymency is the best of consumer banking deposit operations, merchant payments and is driven by the power of retail. Paymency has no interface with cards like Visa and only minimal interface with banks.

Walmart and Starbucks have started down a retail path to banking.  Paymency will welcome all retail merchants and consumers to low cost payments and alternative banking.

SEE Walmart's Money Card is Now a Checking Account.    SEE Forbes

The link below represents a short graphic overview of the Paymency proposed new USA financial system. Normal Video Commands can be used to start and stop viewing.


It's Time For Paymency Web 3.0 DeFi Financial System

The New Paymency USA Financial System
Eight Page Deck + Appendix

The link below represents a short overview of the proposed new USA financial system, Use standard video controls to stop, start or back-up the video

Paymency DeFi Web 3.0

Link to Deck

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