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Inflation Rates and Mortgage Rates Were Out of Sync 

Housing prices skyrocketed during a period of low inflation and more important historic low mortgage rates. We are in a housing correction now. As rates increase housing affordability go down and that results in lower home prices.

August 2022


The Mortgage Bankers Association reported in March 2022 that the medium mortgage application payment jumped to $1,736. This is caused by both home prices and interest rate increases.   

Mortgage Payment

The 2021 - 2022 US Housing Bubble as
Documented by Case-Shiller Index  

Case Shiller Home Prices

Seattle Graphic Above - Mortgage Calculator

DFIN expect to see a significant home price correction. See real estate Tab. for analysis.

DFIN demonstrates how a August 2021 $700,000 home sale in Los Angelous, CA may trap owners into the home. When rates go back to 8% the $700,000 purchase may result in a loss in value of more than $200,000.

German PPI Up 25% in January 2022
Shutting Down the Economy and Printing Money Will Have Long Term Consequences 

PPI Germany 25%

Global Debt Versus Each Countries GDP
(Debt to Gross National Product)
February 2022 

Japan Debt to GDP

US National Debt Exceeds Thirty (30) Trillion for First Time
February 2022 

US National Debt


Do The Rich Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes?


I couldn't find a chart like this from the 99% but I count on them to refute this data if it is not accurate.  They can't refute the data. So if the top 1% earns 21% of income and pays 40% of the tax isn't that enough? The top 10% of earners pay 71% of all federal taxes. I believe it is OK if the bottom 50% of the population only pays 3% or Less. 

In Kingdoms and Dictatorships the top 10% would probably have little tax because they were friends of the Kings or ruling class.


National Debt

June 2021 Comment on The Economy
Some of Us Are Very Concerned

International Economy, provides insights on economic and policy issues


 June 2021

The Federal Reserve has increase the money supply by over 30% in the last year.  This is the greatest increase in the history of our nation.

DFIN believe that the excessive simulative fiscal policies (government spending) and simulative monetary policy does not bode well for our near term economy.

Their Was a Time When Banks Printed Money
Unlike Crypto Currency Today the banks typically had hard assets
securing the currency issued.

Think of this money as an IOU. The image below is a Bank of Italy $100 bill.  Printed in 1927 just before the banks name was changed to Bank of America.  I would argue that this money had greater buying power and was more secure than a US $100 bill today.


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