1 “Amazon opens its platform to hundreds if not thousands of providers of goods and services and makes it available to millions of consumers — they don’t care what you buy or from who as long as you buy it from the Amazon platform,” said Ron Shevlin, director of research at Cornerstone Advisors. “Amazon does have products to sell,” like the Fire TV or the Kindle. “They don’t care if you buy them because they still sell the iPad and everything else.” It’s probably a little out there for banks. But more and more, changing customer expectations and an increasingly digital world are forcing banks to accept the idea of open banking platforms. But they should also bring that thinking to their actual business model. TEARSHEET, Tanaya Macheel | JUNE 08, 2017  DFIN

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Citi Plans to Dismantle the Financial Supermarket,  January 14, 2009 7:13 am Staggered by losses despite two federal rescues, Citigroup is accelerating moves to dismantle parts of its troubled financial empire to placate regulators and its anxious investors. Under pressure from Washington and Wall Street, the financial giant plans to split itself in two, The New York Times' Eric Dash reported, citing people with knowledge of the plan, heralding the end of the landmark merger that created the bank a decade ago.  DFIN

3 - The more likely scenario is that a tech giant, like Amazon or Alipay, will enter the arena to sell consumers financial services, and existing banks will compete with those platforms, Shevlin said. {Ron Shevlin, director of research at Cornerstone Advisors} “The large bank is simply not going to become a platform,” he said. “They’ll go through all their technology exercises by opening APIs, but they’re not opening up, they’re not selling additional products or services or creating an environment.” TEARSHEET, Tanaya Macheel  JUNE 08, 2017  DFIN

What banks can learn from Amazon    
 Tanaya Macheel  June 8,2017 Tearsheet


= parent company and Dashboard navigator for all participants. Navigates all products, APIs and Financial App store

DFIN = The Digital Financial District.  Will become the  center of Digital finance and will be the financial web site with the greatest traffic ie: the Amazon like web site for digital finance

GroovyPay =  The Cloud based payment network that supports the Paymency products

City Digital Currency = A white label digital currency payment product  to help cities stimulate the local economy, ID and bank local residents.  A religious or charitable organization could be a sponsor as well

Digital Berkshires = A Digital Currency for bank distribution. A product for banks to maximize bank value in a remote or small market town.  Particularly valuable for a resort community

Nationwide Alternative Digital Currency =  This is for a large company to issue an alternative currency.   Company examples would include Costco, Wal-Mart or Farmers Insurance..

Alt-Banking = Banking type products from a non-bank i.e.: a city could provide banking services to the unbanked

The Third Major Change to Bank Distribution = Paymency's DFIN division



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