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Canada Just Implemented the CyberCatch SMB Solution

A Good Lesson on Cyber Security
Nicole Perlroth: "This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends" | Amanpour and Company

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Biden's cyber security order opens our post-quantum era.

White House has issued a landmark documen
t, National Security Memorandum 8 (NSM-8), that pushes the government’s cybersecurity into the post-quantum er
Repelling A Ransomware Attack: 

Sai Huda of CyberCatch
On The 5 Things You
Need To Do To Protect Yourself
Or Your Business From
A Ransomware Attack
Cyber Catch


Test - Lets You Fix - Secure
Find and Fix Cybersecurity
Before Attackers Exploit Them
State Effort

New York state, top
cities to unite in fighting cybersecurity threats
 We need a cybersecurity paradigm change

Whether one looks at Colonial Pipeline as an example of recent multitudinous cyber ransomware attacks; the Microsoft Exchange attack or the SolarWinds supply chain debacle the vulnerability of the United States private sector to cyber intrusions particularly from China and Russia is all too clear
Why companies are moving to a ‘zero trust’ model of cyber security

The “zero trust” model of security takes the approach that no users or devices are to be trusted.
Detect. Investigate. Prevent

Domain (DNS)Tools helps security analysts turn threat data into threat intelligence.
With a 1,070 percent increase in ransomware attacks

year-over-year between July 2020 and June 2021, staying on top of attack trends—such as ransomware and supply chain threats—is more important than ever.

“Free Cybersecurity Services and Tools” a one-stop resource where organizations of all sizes can find free public and private sector resources to reduce their cybersecurity” risk. ”

The  Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) 

An official website of the United States government

Inside the plan to fix America’s never-ending cybersecurity failures

the White House’s current Cyber director—says the time has come for a stronger government role and regulation in cybersecurity
 Domain Tools

Domain name risk protection.
Domain Tools is a leading provider of Whois and other DNS profile data for threat intelligence enrichment. .

The latest phishing cybersecurity attack, and it's striking through your phone. Smishing is when hackers try to steal your data—or money—through a text message. The text message attempts to dupe you into following a link or revealing personal details or login information.Dec 13, 2021
New Browser-in-the Browser (BITB) Attack Makes Phishing Nearly Undetectable

"The method takes advantage of third-party single sign-on (SSO) options embedded on websites such as "Sign in with Google" (or Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft)."
How to prepare for a cyber attack and set a backup plan

If America is hit with cyber attacks, expect to lose reliable service. Now is the time to work on your personal plan of what you and your family will do without working smartphones.
Biden to U.S. Businesses: 'Harden Your Cyber Defenses Immediately'

Sai Huda, CEO of CyberCatch stated "Inevitably, ransomware will be the choice of weapon because it will provide two benefits to Putin: economic harm to U.S. economy, while also collecting ransom payments in bitcoins"
What is Ransomeware?

Ransomeware is designed to encrypt files on a device, rendering any systems unusable. Malicious actors then demand ransom in exchange for decryption
Microsoft’s $15 billion cybersecurity business is giving investors new reason for optimism

Microsoft's $15 billion cybersecurity business is  growing faster than all other major parts of the company. The $15 billion a year in revenue, is up from $10 billion a year earlier. Apr 26, 2022
Microsoft launches cybersecurity services to help clients fight off ransomware and other attacks

Microsoft is beefing up its security services offerings to go along with its technology products. Security is the fastest-growing broad product category for Microsoft.
Cybersecurity CEO: 'More targeted ransomware attacks' by Russia coming

Lior Div, CEO of Cybereason analyzes the escalation of cyberattacks against Americans. Div explains how ransomware attacks may continue as sanctions on Russia become more effective.

Sai Huda: Transforming Cybersecurity by Solving the Root Cause & Protecting the Little Guy from the Bad Guy

The root cause of this massive problem is security holes from ineffective controls that the target is unaware of, but the attacker finds and exploits. CyberCatch eliminates the root cause. Our patented cloud-native platform SaaS solution first helps implement all necessary prevention, detection, and response controls in compliance with a cybersecurity mandate.

Then it automatically and continuously tests the controls from three dimensions (outside-in, inside-out and social engineering) to detect security holes and non-compliance, alerts specifically where the security hole is and how to fix, and guides the organization to fix promptly, so an attacker cannot exploit a security hole and break in and steal data or install ransomware.

So, continuous cyber risk mitigation via automated compliance and security. This is the unique CyberCatch invention and innovation. CIO Views October 2022

CyberCatch top ranking in annual Listing of Most Promising Compliance Technology Providers and has featured CyberCatch in the cover of the September issue of the Magazine!

If you are in the U.S., you should comply with Zero Trust. If you are in Canada, you should comply with CAN/CIOSC 104. These National Standards prescribe the cybersecurity controls you need to stay safe from cyber threats.  Oct. 2022


"Companies must safeguard their assets and ensure that their employees are constantly prepared to react to a cyber-attack if they wish to move ahead securely and avoid losses at the claws of cyber-criminals or malevolent malicious attackers."

U.S. officials warn about potential Russian cyberattacks on American soil CBS 60 Minutes April 17, 2022:

Bill Whitaker reports on the proven capabilities of Russia’s hackers, who just a few years ago were able to infiltrate the computer network of a Kansas nuclear power plant.

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