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DFIN has multiple programs designed to bank and lower banking and payment fees for native Americans and their business.  This includes local digital currency and nationwide digital currency for all Americans.

Unlike typical payment and banking systems, the Paymency network gives power to the Tribal Nation, often useing a Casino that will function like a bank and merchant payment network.

Imagine a Sovereign Financial System used by all Americans but based upon Tribal Sovereignty. The Tribe or Tribes would issue a nationwide Stable Value Currency that will be available to all. The new network would not use current payment networks like Visa and would have minimal interface with banks.

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Historically, Native communities defined currencies by their food, relationships, nature and tools to sustain a living. Over time, Native and Indigenous populations gave way to the use of paper money.

Indian CountryIndian country includes all self-governing Native American communities throughout the United States. All land within the limits of any Indian reservation including all dependent Indian communities within the borders of the United States. First Nations is a comparable term used in Canada. Those in the Arctic area are known as Inuit.

COVID-19 and Indian Country: Early snapshot reveals disproportionate economic exposure and uncertainty.



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