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Home Prices are Going Significantly Lower in 2022
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DFIN Was 1997 Online Banking

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Tax Research
FinTech and
U.S Debt Problem

The Elephant
in the room - $30T+Deb

Falling Home Prices and Real Estate

Real Estate and Home Prices Will Crash in 2022 and 2023 March 2022 is about as good as pricing gets.  We are on the Road to Lower Prices.  - It's Just Math
Domain Names and

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The Metaverse

Virtual Real Estate Information and Education
  Gary Lewis Evans Bio  
A Focus on Domain Names

Domain names are the real estate of the future

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The Mortgage Rate in America Every Year Since 1972     COVID 19

The Lingering Impact
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Poverty in the US

A Little Freedom Will Go a Long Way

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Domains - NFT - Metaverse
The Future of Banking
Digital Cash & DeFi
For The Metaverse
The Dumbest Generation

A DFIN Special Collection
  of Articles Some are Funny
and Others are Sad
Who Owns The
Nissan Brand

The Biggest Nissan Motor Sued Nissan Computer For Trademark Infringement, Trademark Dilution And Cyber-Squatting Seeking 10 Million Dollars In Damages, Nissan Motor Won't win.
S&P/Case-Shiller U.S.
National Home Price Index
DFIN Comments

Non-Fungible, Domain Farm, NFTs,
Blockchain and
Crypto Currency
The Path to
Open Banking

1994 the first of three phases
began when I was president
La Jolla Bank
in La Jolla California. 
This first phase was branded as
Bank of The Internet (BofI).
Indian Country - Needs Help
This is a Great Opportunity
   Financial Snapshot of Native Americans 7 reasons to invest in domain names

Free from tax and insurance. Cost-effectiveness. Limited supply and growing demand. Unique value. Capital appreciation. Depth of investment. Return on investment
How Much House Can I Afford?

Home Affordability Calculator
This is a very easy tool to use
Great explanation of key items

Here’s how to settle your loved one’s estate after they pass away

The first step is getting recognized as executor by the court and taking inventory of the deceased possessions
10 cheapest U.S. cities to buy a home, and what makes them special - Market Watch

Growing working from home and or the Metaverse this markets should experience a revival
You Can Make Your Own Fuel

DIY Home Biodiesel Production: 
fuel independence. Step by Step

Bank Consulting, Project Management,
Risk Management

History - My name is Gary Lewis Evans . I am one of the fortunate people that spent my life working in a vocation that I love, banking. I have proven to be one of the most innovative, experienced and successful Digital bankers in the world.  I bring skills that adeptly combines the best elements of J P Morgan Chase and PayPal. I was an Internet Banking Pioneer in 1994 as President of La Jolla Bank, and was lead founder and CEO of BofI, (Bank of Internet) in 2000, name was changed to AXOS in 2018. AXOS is the most successful and profitable digital or NEO bank. 

Next Wave - In addition to bank consulting, I am currently focused on Pioneering Web 3.0 and the Metaverse from a bankers perspective. This is how I approached Web 1.0 and 2.0. I do extensive research and development that utilizes all of my years of experience and regulatory interactions. Web 3.0 Progress

Project Management or Consulting - As a long time, hands-on banker that learned the fundamentals in the 70s, I have managed all aspects of a bank since the days when we only had 10 key adding machines and minimal computer power. In addition to my operating skills, I have led the design and building of deposit and loan processing and servicing platforms that were powered by staff built RPA. I have extreme banking knowledge and a history of innovation that will benefit a bank seeking the right path in the transition to the digital economy.

My skills are adaptable to help banks work with FinTech and help FinTech better understand banking issues. 


Project Ideas
  • Lead bank staff into building a Metaverse banking office
  • As an approvable bank director or CEO, I will help a group build a Metaverse bank
  • Having been recruited by bank regulators to manage and liquidate three failed banks I am qualified to manage problems loans, especially real estate loans
  • Lead and train staff for income property loan underwriting
  • M&A due diligence
  • Servicing portfolio valuation
  • Loan purchase due diligence
  • Loan Underwriter Training for complex home and income property loans
  • RPA design and  for efficiency

Speaking / Staff Training
As an Internet Banking and Fintech Pioneer I bring a dynamic experienced but fresh approach as a speaker.  I am available to speak at conventions,  industry meetings or to a company's management.  I bring unique hands on experience and insight that bridges old and new banking, retail payments and retail banking models.

In 1996 my pseudonym in a McGraw Hill book on Internet Banking was The Digital Financier and I can still be reached at TheDigitalFinancier@Yahoo.com

Non-Fungible Asset and Domain Marketplace

Domain Names For Business and NFTs For Art and Trading
Non-Fungible Domain Value is Hidden in Plane Sight
What is a Global Business Address Worth?

Bill Gates

Non Fungible Digital Asset Overview
1st Time DFIN offered For Sale

Non Fungible physical and digital assets are common and take many forms. Physical forms can range from art to real estate. Digital assets are just that - Digital. The monetary value is a function of supply and demand.

Most physical and digital non fungible assets are of no value and some are very valuable.  The Mona Lisa and the Domain Amazon.com and Voice.com are very valuable.

The US Dollar and Bitcoin are fungible.  One dollar is the same as another and the same can be said about Bitcoin. Their is only 1 DFIN.com or Rodeo Drive in the world.

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The First Solar Powered Car

Deloitte Launches Unlimited Reality: An Experience and Impact Offering for Virtual Worlds


CFE Fund
Cities Deliver Financial Empowerment
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